Are Chelsea’s young players being rushed into the team?

The start of the new season has been marked by a lot of controversies. The most controversial one was the decision of the Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, to start the game with a substitution. The team was already in a difficult position when the new coach started to play.
The Blues were already in the last position of the standings, so the coach decided to start with a change of the lineup. The players who were not in the starting lineup, were replaced by the new players.
However, the team still has a long way to go before the new campaign starts. The main problem is the lack of motivation. The club has not won the Champions League for a long time, so it is not surprising that the players do not want to fight for the title.

In the new year, the Chelsea players will have a chance to prove themselves. The first matches of the season will show the results of the team.
Will the team be able to win the title?
The team is still not in a position to win it, but it is also not in such a bad shape that it is ready to give up. The Blues have a good squad, but the main problem of the club is the level of the players. The level of players is not the best, but at the same time it is the best in the world.
In order to improve the situation, the coach will have to do his best to motivate the players and to get them to play in the best way. The new season will be very important for the club, because it is very likely that the team will be able not only to win a place in the Champions’ League zone, but also to get into the elite division.
Chelsea’s chances of winning the title
The club has a good chance of winning it. The coach has managed to get the players motivated and to play for the team in the most effective way.
Of course, the main thing is to get points, but in the new Chelsea season, the players will be in a good mood and will try to win trophies.
At the moment, the club has the following advantages over its main competitors:
1. Good selection of players. Chelsea has a very good squad. The list of players includes:
• Diego Costa;

•; Eden Hazard;
·; Willian;
·. Tammy Abraham.
This list of the most important players is quite long, so there is a good selection of the best players in the team, which will allow the coach to choose the best lineup for each match.
2. Individual skills of the leaders. The leaders have a great opportunity to show their skills, which is very important in the current season.
3. Motivation of the fans. The fans are very demanding, so they want to see their team win the trophy.
4. Good results of other teams. The Chelsea players have a long tournament distance ahead. They have to prove their skills in the matches against the stronger teams.
5. Good development of the young players. They are ready to learn new things and to become the main stars of the future Chelsea team.
Will Mourinho’s squad be able win the champion title?
It is impossible to say that the club will not win the Champions’ League, because the team is in a very difficult situation. The squad of the coach has a lot to improve, but they have the potential to win.
Many of the main players of the current Chelsea team have already won the Premier League. Will the team of Mourinho be able fight for gold medals?
It will be extremely difficult to win gold medals, but if the team manages to win one of the Champions Leagues, it will be a great achievement.
It’ll be very difficult for Mourinho’ squad to win all the trophies, but there are a lot more important things for the coach.
Main problems of the Mourinho’s team
The main problem for the Chelsea team is the selection of its players. This is a problem that the coach of the Blues has already faced. The problem is that the squad is not very deep.
Among the main problems of Mourinho‘s team are:
* Lack of motivation;
* Weak defense;
* Lack of experience.
If the coach chooses the lineup, he will have problems to get results.
Another problem is a lack of experience of the coaches. Mourinho has only been the coach for one season, so he has a limited amount of experience in the management of a football team. The previous coach of Chelsea, Josep Guardiola, managed to win many trophies, so we can expect a similar result for the new one.
All the results in the season of the English Premier League
In recent years, the English premier league has become one of Europe’s most popular championships. The Premier League has become a real test of the skills of a team. It is very difficult to get a good result in the championship of England, because there are so many factors that influence the result.
One of the factors is the performance of the individual players. It’ s difficult to predict the result of the game, because many factors influence the results.

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