Arsenal’s transfer window is an abject failure for the second year in a row

The club has not managed to strengthen the positions of the main positions of its lineup.
3. Weakness of the team in the attack. The team has not been able to demonstrate a good game for a long time.
4. In defense, the team has the worst results in the last season.
5. The lack of motivation of the players.
6. Lack of motivation and desire to win.

The main problem of the club is the lack of a good selection of players in each position. The main problem is the fact that the club has no reliable transfer policy.
The club’s transfer policy is a failure for a number of reasons:
1. Unsuccessful transfer policy of the previous season. The current transfer policy has not brought any results.
2. Weak selection of the lineup. The lack the effectiveness of the transfers.

3 Lack the motivation of players. They are not able to show the maximum in the game.
This season, the club will try to solve the problems of the transfer policy and the lack in the selection of lineup. It is necessary to strengthen positions of a team and to improve the effectiveness in the games.
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Main Transfer Opportunities of the Club
The team of Mourinho has a good transfer policy, and the main transfer opportunities of the Mourinho team are:
* James Rodriguez;
* * Fabio Coentrao;
* * Alexis Sanchez.
In the last transfer window, the main transfers of the Manchester United were:
• De Gea;
• * Cristiano Ronaldo;
· David De Gesqa.
However, the most important transfer is the acquisition of the young player, who is a striker, who will be able to become the main player of the United team.
It is worth noting that the main goal of the new signing is to become a leader of the Portuguese team. The transfer of the striker is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen its lineup and to get a good player who will help the team to win the main trophies of the Old Trafford.
Manchester United Transfer Prospects
The last season of the English Premier League was a failure of the Royal club. The results of the season were not good for the team, and it was clear that the team did not have the motivation to win all the trophies.
After the failure of last season, it was obvious that the Royal team needed to change its style of playing, and Mourinho’s team was not able, despite all the difficulties, to demonstrate its maximum in every match.
Now, the Royal Manchester United is a new team, which is trying to win trophies. The new coach of the squad is the Portuguese Mourinho. The coach has a successful experience, and he is able to use the players in the right way.
If you look at the transfer prospects of the coach, then you can see that the new coach has good transfer opportunities. The most important of these opportunities is the transfer of a striker. The striker will be a good addition to the team and will help it to win many trophies.
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How to Follow the Live Results of Manchester United
The Royal Manchester team has a new coach, who has a lot of experience in the English championship. The Portuguese coach is able, thanks to his experience, to use his players in a good way. The Royal team has good transfers, and this is a great opportunity for them to strengthen their lineup. You can follow the livescores of the game on fScore.
Team’s Prospects in the Next Season
The season of English Premier league is coming to an end. The season was a success for the Royal, and they managed to win several trophies. However, the results of this season were a failure, and there were many problems with the team. It was clear, that the coach did not use the best players of the roster in the most effective way. It is worth highlighting the failures of the current season of Manchester City, which was the worst season of a club in the history of the Premier league.
Many factors contributed to the failure, including:
· * The failure of transfer policy;
· * The failure to strengthen weak positions;
* and * Lack of the motivation.
As for the failure in the season of City, the following reasons can be highlighted:
a. Failure of the selection policy. The players were not chosen in the best way. This was the main reason for the poor results of a number teams.
b. Poor teamwork. The coaching decisions of the City team were not the best.
c. Bad selection of lineups.
d. Absence of the leaders.
e. Long bench.
f. Insufficient motivation of leaders. This was a main reason of the failure.
g. A lack of the right motivation of team. Mourinho’ squad was not motivated enough.
h. Disastrous results of matches.
i. Not enough motivation of coaches.

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