Why Luiz needs to leave Chelsea to earn more respect!

The Portuguese coach has been in charge of the Blues for 4 years and it has already been proven that he is able to bring the team to the first place in the EPL. However, the team is still far from the desired level. The main problem is the lack of motivation.
The team is not able to demonstrate the maximum of their capabilities, which is why the Portuguese coach is not getting the desired results.
This is why he has to make some changes in the team. The team needs to be strengthened and this is the main task of the new coach.

The Blues have not been in the Champions League for a long time, which has led to the fact that they have not had many chances to qualify for the next stage. The Portuguese coach needs to make the team work harder and show more results. This is what he has been doing for a while and the team has started to show better results. The Blues are now in the top 4 of the Epl table and have a chance to win the Champions league.
However, it is still not clear whether the team will be able to achieve this goal. The following factors are the main reasons for the team’s failure in the domestic arena:
1. Lack of motivation
2. Lackadaisical transfers
3. Poor organization
4. Lack and bad communication
5. Lack to play the maximum number of matches
6. Lack in the transfer market
The list of problems is long and it is obvious that the team needs a lot of changes. The coach has to do his best to solve the problems and make the Blues into the main favorites of the Champions tournament.
In order to do this, he will need to:
* strengthen the squad;
* make transfers;
2nd half of the season is very important for the Blues. The club needs to show the maximum and this will help them to qualify to the next round.
Will Chelsea be able not only to qualify, but also to win?
The season of the English Premier League has come to an end and the teams are already looking for the places in the next Champions League zone. The final match of the championship was held on the last weekend, which was very successful for the teams.
It was the final match between Chelsea and Manchester City that was the most interesting. The teams played for the third time in a row, which can be considered as a success for the club.
Chelsea was able to take the lead in the fight for the champion title. The previous season the team was unable to take advantage of the fact and won the title. However this time the team managed to win only because of the mistakes of the opponents.
During the final, the City was very active and managed to score a lot. However the Blues were able to withstand the attacks and managed not to lose points. This was a great result for the City and they are now the favorites of all the matches.
At the same time, the Blues are not the only team that is looking for a place in next season’slog. Other teams are also trying to get into the Champions’ zone.
If the team manages to qualify then it will be one of the main contenders for the title and will be a real threat to the main favorite of the tournament, Manchester City.
All the latest news about the matches of the teams
The final match was the first of the current season, so it was very busy. The matches of Chelsea and City were held simultaneously, which resulted in a lot and a lot in the final.
There were a lot more interesting matches, which we will talk about later. The first matches of both teams were not successful, but the second matches were more successful.
As for the final matches, it was clear that the teams were ready for the fight and were ready to fight until the last second.
Manchester City was the main contender for the victory, but it was Chelsea that won. The results of the final were very good for the Citizens, because they managed to take a lead in both matches. This fact can be seen from the following points:
· The score of the matches is the same;
·2 goals were scored in the first match;
3 goals were won in the second match.
Of course, the final score of City was higher, but this is not the most important result. The most important thing is the fact the teams managed to show a lot, which they have been lacking for a very long time.
You can always follow the latest information about the games of the clubs on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the results of matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches. It is easy to find the information about any of the games, because it is updated in real time. The information is provided in both English and Spanish.
Team’sthe main contenders of the title
The most interesting teams of the previous season are now no more. The list of contenders for gold medals includes:
• Liverpool;
• Manchester United;
● Tottenham;
The last season, Liverpool was the best in the history of the Premier League. The Merseysiders managed to get to the Champions’ League zone and to win a lot too.

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