Why Man City will never be serial winners under Guardiola

The Premier League is a game of the few. The top four teams are always at the top of the standings, and the gap between them is minimal. The main competitors of the Citizens are the teams from the lower divisions.

The teams from lower divisions are not the main contenders for the title, but they are not insignificant either. The Citizens are one of the main teams that can challenge the leaders of the league.
However, the team has not been in the leading position for a long time. The last time the Citizens were in the first position was in the season of 2013-2014.
The reason for this is the following:
1. The team has been playing for a few years without a coach who is able to motivate the players.
2. The squad is not well-coordinated.
3. The players are tired of the constant changes of the head coach.
4. The club’s transfer policy is not optimal.
5. The fans have become tired of such a situation.
So, the Citizens have not been able to win the title for a very long time, and now they are in a situation where they have to fight for the places in the Champions League zone.
This is why the team is not the best in the league, but the Guardiola’ coaching style is able not only to please the fans, but also to achieve results.
Team’ performance in the Premier League table
The Citizens have a good lineup, but it is not enough to compete with the leaders. The following teams have a chance to win:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal;
and the Citizens’ chances are not very high.
In the current season, the club has not managed to win any trophy. The current position of the team in the standings is a result of the fact that the team was not in the best shape at the start of the season.
It is also worth noting that the Citizens had a good start of this season, but after that they lost a lot of points. This is why they are now in the middle of the table, but not at the very top.
Now, the fans have a lot to cheer about. The first games of the new season have shown that the club is not in a good shape, and it is now more important for the team to improve its results. The results of the club can be seen in the current position in the table.
What are the main problems of the current Citizens�
Now the team needs to improve the results of its own. The Guardiola� team has a good squad, but now it is very difficult to find the right players for each position.
Of course, it is possible to find a good goalkeeper, but this is not always possible.
Another problem of the Guardiola team is the lack of motivation. The coach has recently been working with the club for several months, and this is why he has not given the players the necessary motivation.
That is why it is extremely difficult to fight against the leaders in the fight for places in Europe.
Main advantages of the coach
The main advantage of the performance of the City is the fact it is a team of young people. This fact is very important for a team that is trying to fight in the top 4.
Also, the Guardiola coaching style allows him to use the maximum of the players’ potential.
For example, the City have a very good lineup. The previous season, it was the best one in the history of the Premier league. The City had the following players in their lineup:
· Sergio Aguero;
·; Kevin De Bruyne;
• Leroy Sane.
All of them played a key role in the team’ results. Now, the main problem of City is that the coach does not give the players enough motivation. This situation is very dangerous for the club, because the team will not be able to fight with the top teams.
You can always follow the City’ game on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find only reliable information about the team and its performance.
Follow the latest news from the Premier leagues
The current season of the English Premier league is very interesting for fans. The season has already ended, and many teams have already won the title.
Among the leaders, Manchester City is considered to be one of favorites. The reason for that is the good lineup of the squad. The leaders of Guardiola” team are:
The City has a very balanced team, which allows it to fight not only against the top-4 teams, but against other teams as well.
At the same time, the squad of the Manchester City has the best players in the world. This allows the club to be a favorite in the tournament.
City’ lineup and its advantages
The Guardiola team has the following advantages:
● The team is very balanced.

They have a great lineup.
If you look at the lineup of Manchester City, you can see that it is one of best in England.
There are a lot players who can play in any position of a team.

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