Which team should Tottenham fans be most worried about?

The season is now in full swing, and Tottenham has already managed to win the League Cup. This is a good result for the team, but it is also important to note that the Spurs still have a long way to go.
At the moment, the main concern of the fans is the fact that the team still has a long bench. This can be a real problem for the club, because the players who are already in the starting lineup are not always the best.
However, the Spurs have a lot of options, and the main thing is to make the most of them. So, we should not forget about the fact, that the season is still young, and we should expect some surprises.
The main favorites of the current season
The Spurs are a very interesting team, because they have a number of stars who are able to make a big impact on the results of the team.
First of all, it is worth highlighting the following players:
1. Kane. Kane is a player who is able to score a lot, and this is a key advantage of the Spurs.
2. Son. Son is a young player who has already become a real star of the Premier League.
3. Sane. Sune is a talented young player, who has recently become a fan favorite.
4. Eriksen. Eriq is a very talented young footballer, who is already able to become a great player.
5. Lloris. Lom is a legendary player, and he is a great addition to the Spurs lineup.
It is also worth highlighting Sessegnon, who can be called a new sensation of the English Premier League, because he is able not only to score goals, but also to make important assists.

However it is not all about the stars. The Spurs also have a good selection of young players, who are capable of making a positive impact on their team. It is worth noting that the current Tottenham team is very balanced, which allows them to make good use of all the players on the field.
Who will be the main favorites in the future season?
The current season has already shown that the Tottenham Hotspur is not a team that can be easily predicted. This was also demonstrated by the fact the team was able to win a lot.

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